A New Approach to Alternative Investments

At Scriba Waldron Capital, we have taken a modern approach to private capital alternative investments. Rather than reach for yield in high risk ventures, our investment philosophy is centered firmly over driving returns through gains in efficiency on high-quality, low-risk investments. In addition to building strong portfolios, our mission is to provide our clients with institutional quality investments constructed through sophisticated processes while maintaining low fees structured to align our interests with our client’s interests.

Institutional Quality

Sophisticated Processes

Low Fees

We rely on three fundamental tenets to create value with our private equity portfolios: Technology drives efficiency, Resiliency hedges uncertainty, Sustainability provides relevancy.


We develop and deploy innovative technologies improving upon, and driving efficiencies through, our portfolio companies and investments.


Our portfolios are constructed using high-quality assets well positioned to weather economic uncertainty.


Our goal is to improve our communities’ resources, not detract – this ethos is captured by our near-term goal of environmental neutrality of both investments and corporate operations.

Our focus is on delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns to our limited partners through sophisticated investment processes, the development and deployment of innovative technologies, and through environmentally and socially sustainable practices while maintaining the highest possible ethical and professional standards.

Ian T. WaldronPresident & Chief Executive Officer