Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc.

Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc., is a private capital alternative assets manager. Contributions made to Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc., funds (“SWC Funds”) constitutes a speculative investment. SWC Funds are non-traditional investment vehicles and possess special risks inherent in non-traditional investment strategies. The limited partnerships comprising the SWC Funds are private capital investments, are not, and will not likely be freely traded in secondary markets. Private capital investments are subject to transferability restrictions and possess substantial illiquidity. SWC Funds possess risks including but not limited to the following: capital market risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk, solvency risk, credit and counterparty risk, and macroeconomic risks. Investments in SWC funds may decline in value. No guarantee is made that any of the SWC Funds will achieve or exceed investment objectives. SWC Funds should only be accredited by Accredited Investors. The information contained on this website is solely for informative purposes.

News, Research, & Analysis

Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc., from time to time, releases through this website opinions on, including but not limited to, financial markets, macroeconomics, and business management. Any opinions expressed through official channels, the news feed on the “Lobby” page, the Twitter feed, are for informative purposes only and do not constitute, in any form, investment recommendations or recommendations to action. Speculative investments contain risks that should be carefully considered before investing. Carefully consider all implications with your investment professional prior to taking any investment actions.

Third Parties

Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc., from time to time, may choose to share research and/or opinions from third parties such as news agencies, public agencies, and research organizations. Commonly this occurs through “Re-Tweeting” on our @ScribaWaldron Twitter feed hosted on the home, “Lobby” page, of the website. Scriba Waldron Capital, Inc., does not endorse any opinion from any third party including but not limited to those listed above. Any content shared is solely for informative purposes.