Our Investment Processes are comprised of methodology proprietary technologies that, combined, deliver maximum value to our limited partners. Our processes and models are nonstationary – we adapt as new information emerges. We continuously challenge our ideas and models to identify and correct weaknesses as discovered. Our commitment to perfecting process, model, and theory ensures our investors that only the best ideas survive in this organization and investor capital is being responsibly put to work.

Begin with the basics.

All our investment strategies, regardless of asset class, sector, or size begin with theory. First, we start by developing a framework around the hypothesized investment strategy. Next, we search for a basis as to why our firm possesses a competitive advantage in this investment strategy to deliver excess return. Finally, we rigorously review all findings across rank and department to ensure model integrity.

Complex, not complicated.

Simple to complicated is always to be preferred. That said, navigating a changing investment space while responsibly managing risk is no simple task. We internally develop robust models, tracking a multitude of data points, so that we, and our investors, may be confident our investments are well positioned for uncertainty. Furthermore, we make every effort to ensure the most current and sophisticated ideas are adopted and disseminated to all relevant personnel. From these efforts, our investors may be confident their capital is entrusted with capable hands.

Efficiency through technology.

We use technology to our advantage at both the investment level and the operational level. Technologies are being continuously developed to improve upon tasks by improving reliability and driving efficiencies through eliminating repetitive tasks. Additionally, by developing technologies we perpetuate an organizational culture of creativity that ensures we are proactive instead of reactive.

Better operating companies.

Dealing in private capital, our portfolios’ assets are either manager by operating companies, directly overseen by our investment team or scale is used at the investment manager level to assume certain operating roles. In every investment, we carefully dissect every procedure from the mundane to the complex and creatively determine ways in which operations can be improved. This process is key to our effort of delivering investor value because it allows us to increase return to limited partners without assuming any additional risk.

Social and environmental change.

In addition to the financial investments we conduct, we find it incredibly prudent to invest in our communities. We return a portion of profits every year to causes close to our hearts. Furthermore, we aim to reduce, and eventually eliminate, our impact on the environment to provide a better world for future generations. We see these investments as equally critical to our success because we believe that if we first care for our communities, our communities will care for us.