Real Estate

Our real asset portfolio consists of direct investments in commercial real estate projects domiciled in the continental United States. We currently own and operate office, retail, and warehouse/logistics centers across California and Arizona. We look to acquire commercial real estate with unique architectural appeal that complement the communities we choose to invest in. More than simply provide for physical accommodations, we want to acquire projects that inspire.

We target commercial real estate in multiple asset classes, including office, light industrial/logistics, multifamily, and retail. Our approach consists of acquiring high-quality real estate occupied by strong, economically relevant tenants. We favor varied but stable lease roll with an aggregate duration in excess of five years. By carefully structuring a project’s lease book we look to provide optimal flexibility in managing interest rate and inflationary risks creating a better, less volatile investment experience for our limited partners. Furthermore, we aggressively reinvest a portfolio’s cash flows through time, cost-averaging across multiple periods, thus reducing market timing risks and further reducing interest rate risks.


Our office properties are designed to provide our tenants every resource to be successful in their ventures. In addition, we look to acquire and construct comfortable and welcoming spaces that inspire those working within while providing flexibility to the tenant to manage changing business conditions.


When selecting retail projects, we carefully consider the needs of the local communities to ensure our assets provide a useful resource. Furthermore, we refrain from acquiring or constructing projects  that may bring social or physical harm to our communities.


Multifamily is an asset class we take very seriously. The responsibility of providing safe, pleasant, and attractive living spaces for our community members to raise their families and live their lives is not lost of deaf ears. We make every effort to ensure we are industry leaders and that our residences are price accessibly.

Industrial / Logistics

Our industrial and logistics portfolios are built considering a project’s economic relevance. We deploy robust statistical models considering such variables as demographics, infrastructure resources, congestion, and demand growth to reliably identify potential investments well positioned to provide benefit to our communities today and into the future.

How We Select Assets


We target high-quality assets in secure, often mature, markets. We look for an economic argument for an asset’s inclusion in our portfolio – that is, a fundamental need for an asset’s existence. This includes targeting logistics centers near hubs and retail projects supported by strong population centers.


Our existing projects are occupied by choice tenants with strong credit. We target and structure leases that provided security in the near-term and flexibility in the mid-to-long-term. This architecture produces stability to weather short-term economic disturbances but provides enough flexibility to accommodate structural changes in the long-term.


Our assets are more than simply investments – Our assets represent community resources that truly belong to those individuals who will live their lives within and around our real estate. Understanding our role as stewards of community resources, we look to acquire and construct aesthetically appeal projects that add to community and culture.

Our Tenants

At Scriba Waldron Capital, our investment philosophy is built around the idea that we succeed when our tenants succeed. Because of this, great care is taken to ensure our tenants are best positioned to realize their ambitions. We regularly deliver to our tenants key insights and market research reports. In doing so, we wish to provide thoughtful guidance into the macro-economy and regional markets so that our tenants may better navigate changing business conditions and position their businesses for long-term success.